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Application and tuition fees together are 400 euros for non-partner university students.

Students from Pázmány-Law partner universities only pay an application fee of 100 euros, the tuition fee is waived.

Before you start your application please note that you will need to upload an ID photo, your CV and either a Motivation Letter or a Reference Letter from a faculty member indicating how you would benefit from the summer school.

Please also consider who will transfer the application fee (whether you or a company) as you will need to upload some relevant data in the online application, too.

Applications will be open from 15th February until 31st March, 2024.
(for EU citizens we could keep it open longer - until 30th April, 2024, as visa is not necessary for them)

 Who can apply?

University students (BA, MA, PhD) from all over the world with sound knowledge of English.  Basic knowledge of law and policies is an advantage.  Preference will be given to students of our partner universities. Applicants are encouraged to submit a reference letter from a faculty member indicating how the applicant would benefit from the summer school.

How can I submit my application?

Please upload an online application at the website: 

When shall I apply for the Summer School?

Our application deadline is 31st March, 2024 for non-EU citizens and 30th April, 2024 for EU citizens.

However, we recommend that students submit applications as soon as possible because a significant demand is expected for this high quality programme.

How will I know if I am accepted for the programme?

Our aim is to ensure a balanced mix of students representing various countries.


We will notify all applicants within two weeks of receiving the application form, latest by 5th May, 2024.

Application is only final if the applicant has paid the tuition fee / registration fee.


What is provided at no cost to participants?

Tution fee (for students from partner universities), educational materials, a one-day week-end excursion.

Participants will gain first-hand knowledge from world-class teachers and have opportunities for networking and internships.

Costs to be paid by the participant

  • Registration fee and tuition altogether for non-partner university students: Euro 400;
  • Registration fee  for partner university students: Euro 100


The application is only final if the registration fee is paid in due time. Even if you withdraw your application later on, the registration fee in non-refundable.

Cost of living in Budapest.


Sandwich at university café: 400 - 800 HUF

Pizza (delivered): 1500 - 2500 HUF

Cup of coffee: 500 - 900 HUF

Bottle / jug of beer: 500 - 900 HUF

A bottle of wine: 900 - 2 000 HUF

A loaf of bread: 400 - 900 HUF

Milk (1 litre): 300 - 500 HUF

Printing and photocopying: 20 HUF per page

Travel by public transport* From Liszt Ferenc Airport to the downtown of Budapest: 1 000 – 2000 HUF

Fun & entertainment Cinema ticket: 1200 - 1 500 HUF

Museum passes: 1000 - 2 500 HUF

Need help?

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking forward to meeting you!